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tv   Right This Minute  ABC  April 8, 2017 2:10am-2:40am EDT

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it's an all new show today with great viral videos "right this minute." store cameras catch a couple of bumbling vandals. >> these two actually damaged the door. >> how the clerk showed that what acts up must come down. a dad to be stars in a gender reveal gone wrong. but see why the fail is about to get way worse. >> get the skeet shooting team to get involved. there's your video, dave. in a tree trying to get a squirrel. >> a nature lover happens to be -- >> at the right place at the right time. >> why we've never seen anything like it.
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>> whoa! this is crazy! and a youtube brother's birthday gift. >> no you did not! >> the six figure surprise that's an emotional rocket ride. >> things just took a twist for the unexpected. >> are you kidding me? this video's getting a lot of traction online in russia. you got two guys walking up to the store there then they decide let's vandalize the door. >> take that, door. >> for reasons that are never explained, his buddy decides to do a lame kick. >> i think they were just knocking before they realized the door was open. >> seems like that. but these two actually damaged the door and the shopkeeper inside, he was there. and that's why you suddenly see them come out of the store. >> tripped him, you see that. >> out comes the other one. >> wow. >> that's kind of an unfair fight. you know the other two can't really -- >> they were wobbling around. >> there are allegations that alcohol may be involved. >> you don't say.
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in this next incident, we've seen it before. peek breaking the glass -- >> with a crowbar. >> or a -- >> hammer. >> that. look at this guy. using his booty. he's trying to twerk that open. he is backing that thing up into a door at a salon. this salon had been hit by burglars just days before. he actually does get the glass broken. >> he's the cheeky bandit. >> store owner says he got away with cash and tips. >> you're telling me this guy got away with the booty? >> he did. in both burglarieburglaries, th away with money from the safe. so i'm thinking the safe probably needs to be locked or fixed or replaced or something. chances of getting struck by lightning, you know millions to one. the chances of capturing that lightning strike on camera i got to think is even bigger. but watch. pow!
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>> whoa! >> no way. >> huge lightning strike hits this car in morocco down the street. keep in mind, cars drive on nonconductive rubber tires. you see people get out of the car. the car still smoking from the impact. >> i don't get it. someone has to explain it to me. if there's no conductor, how did it make its connection? >> i thought lightning would go for the tallest thing in the area. but in this case, no. >> pretty incredible video. this video older but gets s lot of attention now. when storms are in the area, it can charge the atmosphere around you. watch what happens to these fishermen out on their little boat. >> [ bleep ]. >> there's so much static electricity in the air that it's charging this man's fishing pole. every time he touches it, sounds like he's getting zapped.
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>> no way. >> i'd almost say it's charging him. he needs to discharge. maybe if he grounds himself, he can fix it. but you're in the middle of the lake. good luck. >> that much electricity in the air, probably head for day and head for shore. it's a dangerous situation to be in. >> or next time bring a ton of fabr fabric softener sheets. >> that might do it. not content with already being internet legends. you might remember this from last year where they created the world's most epic volley ever by kicking the football off the stop of that huge building, the third highest in norway. then volleying it into the goal. well, they are back up that same building. he's going to be taking a penalty kick. in this case he's having to do something he clearly does not want to do. makes his way over the edge of
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the building and just starts to feel the pressure. right down there there's the goal. >> oh. >> that's his penalty kick from the top of the building? >> i was wondering why he was wearing the helmet. >> because if he falls, the helmet. the coach is there to give him some support. i think we do have a general understanding about just how scared you are. but nonetheless, he braves it. he's lowered down the building. >> it's harder for the goalie. he's upsidedown. >> good save. kind of makes his way over to the next one. lines it up and then with the blistering speed or the power of gravity -- goal!
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this is not something you see every day, but it is every bit fascinating. especially if you're ken nich nicholson who happened to be at the right place at the right time to record this lynx climbing a tree trying to get itself a squirrel dinner. >> i love lynxs. the cats with the wispy black tips on the ears. i did a school report on it maybe when i was in fifth or sixth grade. >> tell us an interesting fact about lynx. >> i just did. little black wispy hairs on their ears. >> nice save. they're beautiful and agile as well. this is a juvenile lynx who was out there with another one. one of them scared the squirrel up into a tree. the thing is -- >> whoa!
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this is crazy! >> the thing is that when the squirrel worked its way up, the other one followed and ken the guy that recorded it is becoming a local celebrity. unfortunately for the lynx, it's been outsmarted. squirrels know their way around trees. >> the squirrel just baited the lynx up there. he's like keep coming. come on. almost got you where i want you. she loves oreos so much that she's going to sing about it. ♪ that's why i like oreos hear how the rest of the song goes. plus -- >> hi, everyone. oh. sorry, i forgot i had that on. today we're making a little bit of magic for your mouth. >> find out what that magic in your mouth is. >> you can have the edible version in bubble form. yeah, at first i thought it was just the stress of moving. [ sighs ] hey, i was using that. what, you think we own stock in the electric company?
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closed captioning provided by -- get non-habit forming unisom to fall asleep fast. unisom a stressful day deserves a restful night. this first one is nick calderone as an adorable blond little girl. you'll see why. he sings when he eats cookies. and she's singing her own song about oreos. ♪ that's why i like oreos so much ♪ >> i know that song. >> she likes singing about how she eats them. ♪ i eat the cream and lick it off ♪ >> no joke, people. when nick calderone is eating cookies, he sings songs about them. ♪ i do love cookies and how this girl know ifs i'm cute and sing about cookies, i'll get more ♪ >> would you like some oreos?
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>> yes. i would actually like some oreos. this next video also reminds me of someone. this is what i think life is like as nick calderone's wife. >> truer words have never been spoken. >> poor woman. >> like a very, very amused by a balloon being let out in his face. this reminds me of me. someone amused be i the simplest of things. mom's a wizard, she made paper appear. >> that is so cute. >> now it's on national television. >> the popular youtubers that we like to feature on the show really focus on trying to upload their videos by a certain time each week or each day. fabio whitmer is almost late for his upload. got ten minutes to make it to his upload spot. off he goes.
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fabio whitmer is basically a wizard on the bike. just the beginning of his ride down the mountain. comes speeding down. got to leap up and over this wall. no problem. because he's not just good at downhill mountain biking, the technical as well. there's nothing stopping fabio on his ride down. not stairs, not fences, doesn't matter. makes it look easy. then then up and over the railing, no problem. but he's working up to bigger and bigger stunts. and the big crescendo. up and over that fence. down toward the riverbank. he even got a kick out of that one. >> made it look easy. >> there's the handoff of the sd
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card. makes it into the office in time. and he upload, thank you very much fabio for keeping the videos coming. they're awesome. this one is for all my geeks out there who love themselves some harry potter. yeah. >> hi, everyone. oh. sorry, i forgot i had that on. >> did you see that? did you see what happened? >> she had an invisibility cloak. >> she has a recipe for butter beer. >> we're going to put butter extract in there. then some rum extract in there. >> i would say you could be more generous with your rum. >> we're going to pour mar marshmallow cream. then we're going to pour in some heavy whipping cream. >> it's super easy. now you got to put it together. you just pour it and top it with some of your foam cream thing.
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>> that looks tasty. >> let's find out how tasty it is. jessica -- >> hey, guys. >> hi. >> what's she going to drink? i only see two? >> well, there's a decision you have to make. between drinking the butter beer or you can have the edible version in bubbles. bubble form. >> what? >> wait, what? >> what do you mean? >> i want the fun part. >> magical stuff happening here. >> eat it. >> oh, my goodness. >> not like that. just eat the bubble. >> blow a bubble this way. >> where did you get that? >> you're a wizard. >> there is soap in this. i had a whole mouthful of it. you said it was edible! >> i'm just holding the mug for the next step. >> look. it's bubbling, guys. look. that is stinking rad. >> what's inside this one? >> it's the same thing. >> just mixed with soap? >> it seems like the butter keeps getting lower and lower.
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>> i know. it takes awhile. >> screw it. do it. chug chug chug chug chug chug. >> you have an uber account right? >> wow. this is going really well for me. >> not doing it right, christian. >> if you want to do this at home, go to our website or the mobile app. one out of our favorites are back. >> he's not by himself. >> now hear his carpool karaoke to the tune of ed sheeran's number one hit. and she's been wanting a grandchild. >> but andy for years has told her i don't want to get married and i'm not having any babies. >> but this doggy has a special announcement for her.
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promotional considerations provided by -- a gender reveal. but this one's super special because that man right there, that's john. and he is on a lacrosse field and he is about to reveal the gender of the baby he is expecting with kristen. they chose this lacrosse field because shawn is the lacrosse coach. so its the third time a charm? >> oh! >> no, no, no! >> get the skeet shooting team to get involved. >> quick, help! >> that would be a good idea but
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kristen who's expecting, she's got plan number two. she says whichever one stays in her hand, that's the sex. so she's got a blue jersey and a red one. which will it be? >> three, two, one. >> they got a new teammate. they're excited. where'd you get this from? >> now, this here is andy roust's mom. >> that's too snug for him. >> that's actually brady. brady is one of his parents' two dogs. they are wearing sweaters and they have a message on them. >> he's a big boy. >> but what does it say? >> uncle. >> she really has been waiting a long time to be a grandma. but andy for years says i don't want to get married and i here.g any babies. >> uncle number one. >> what does my shirt say?
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>> auntie. [ bleep ] [ bleep ] are you kidding me? oh, my god! >> that's how it happens. >> she apologized, but thnana might have to clean that up before the baby comes. one of our favorites is back. >> i'm so excited to burn some calories with you. >> but he's not by himself. >> you are always so fun to hang out with. we always have a ball together. you know i love you so much because of your form. you're just so smooth and geometric. i just love the shape of you. >> yeah. yeah. do the ed sheeran song. >> exactly. >> he plugs it all into his computer. presses play, and now we have our own carpool cakaraoke.
2:31 am
♪ i'm in love with the shape of you ♪ >> everything syncs up and he's putting his own spin on the classic song "shape of you" which has been number one in the billboard hot 100. ♪ discovering something brand new ♪ ♪ i'm in love with your body ♪ i'm in love with your body >> you're crazy for this one, ed sheeran. >> i want to go on a cross country road trip with him. how fun would that be? so entertaining. >> for you. what about for him? what's his incentive? >> all right. getting crunchy with it. thanks, nature. what a well rounded workout today. right?
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he just bought his brother his droem car. >> he breaks down crying. >> but find out why we're skeptical. careful joe, they've got you outnumbered.
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the dinosaurs' extinction... don't listen to them. not appropriate. now i'm mashing these potatoes with my stick of butter... why don't you sit over here. something for everyone is awesome. find your awesome with the xfinity stream app. more to stream to every screen. >> yummy. >> bunny kisses. long ago established that the biggest trolls of the real world are parking enforcement. in l.a. the street enforcer is
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ruthless. one minute over, you're getting a ticket. so they decided to park this outside. >> nice. >> yes. priceless indycar. just wheel it into that spate next to an expired meter. and then just sat back with their cameras to watch how parking enforcement would deal with this. just three minutes in, there's parking enforcement and they were like, that's going to be somebody else's problem. >> it's an evel knievel car. >> it is an evel knievel car. >> i want a picture with it. >> so do a lot of people. all kinds of attention. people coming up to it. here we go. 23 minutes in, person number two. i didn't see anything. now we're nearly 50 minutes in. ooh, ooh. slows down. has a look. bye! 54 minutes in. pass number four. bye. number five, somebody has finally decided to get involved. you've got to pay for the
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parking! so she is looking a little confused. because usually to give a ticket you look at the license plate. even this guy tries to help her find it. she's sort of investigating the car trying to find anything she can use to identify it. the large number on the side maybe. 98. evel knievel, you got yourself a ticket. continues the trolling. eventually the driver does show. comes running across the street. in his full race gear. oh, sorry, sorry. she gives him the lecture. >> i was only here for a minute. >> eventually i guess she doesn't want to deal with it. he doesn't drive it away. he gets inside and then these guys literally wheel it away. but the lesson we can pull from this ladies and gentlemen is if you do want to pa rk in l.a. for
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free, get yourself a pricely indycar. problem solved. thanks for hanging out with us today, everybody. we appreciate it. go to to check out more fun videoeoeoeoe. (clicking) chamber a round. this scenario is called "shoot, don't shoot." if your target looks like a bad guy, shoot it. if it does not... peck? don't shoot! that is right. are we ready? (officers) yes, sir! all right, let's make some good decisions. the range is hot! (tegan and sara) ♪ no, i'm not ready ♪ for a big, bad step in their direction ♪ ♪ no, i'm not ready ♪ for downtown trash and void collection ♪ (oliver) prove safe! benches down. ♪ cityscapes, cities change before they die ♪ ♪ four blocks i should mention in a song ♪ let's take a look here. nice shoot-- under controlled circumstances, that is.
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also not good. (sighs) toughie nash, you didn't shoot at all. i thought it was the mother. (oliver) oh, is it? (traci) no. no, it isn't. it's a bad guy. where are you? i'm dead. nice. mcnally, you got your bad guy. congratulations. but not before you shot him up like a piece of swiss cheese. what does this mean, sir? i mean, do we fail our recertification? well, what this means is, um, you're all still rookies. (laughs) ♪ i know you feel it, too ♪ it all seems so untrue ♪ when you get up and over it and over them ♪ ♪ uh-oh, oh, no, uh-oh, oh, no ♪ uh-oh, oh, no, uh-oh, oh, no (sighs) i feel like my whole life is like that shooting range. collateral damage? yeah, except half the time i don't even know what my target is. why can't my life be like, um... what did oliver call it? controlled situation. controlled circumstance. yeah. and, dov, your circumstances with edie were anything but controlled last night. oh, please, please, please-- a little roommate respect here,
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thank you very much. thin walls? we gotta nail up some egg cartons or something, because-- oh, dov. dating a stripper. you're such a cop cliché. uh, don't you mean cop fantasy? because, uh, most men would kill to be in my position. or should i say positions? pfft. couldn't do it, man-- i mean, date a stripper. don't you ever feel weird? no. hey, how are things going with you and jerry? confusing. baby, boyfriend, the job-- might as well throw 'em all in a blender. look, could we not talk about this? i mean, some of us are newly single. would you grow a pair? you know what, gail? this whole thing with your brother isn't my fault, and we have to work together, so... so can't you be nice to me? that's the pair you grew? whoo! bravo. why am i the only one who's ever on time for parade? because your dad flies you in on "peck force one" every morning. (laughs) are you coming? yeah, i'll meet you in there. callaghan, how's it goin'? never better. i hear you got a big day ahead of you.
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i guess. it wasn't my call. things just happen to you, don't they, sammy? tell me... (clears throat) you ever take responsibility for anything? you take care, buddy. (chuckles) hey. hey. do you need something? no, just-- i got a lot to do, unless this is work-related. well, we haven't even talked since you left, so i thought-- i don't have time. okay. maybe later then. hey. have a good trip. (indistinct conversations) (man laughs) hey, mcnally-- (door closes) (frank) okay, listen up! i'm looking for a word-- a word to describe the rookie recertification this morning. it's a 6-letter word.


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